THE MADRILEÑER garantiza la exclusividad de sus diseños con impresiones limitadas. Actualmente, hay 250 propietarios de esta pieza, pero ofrecemos una variedad de portadas para que elijas la que mejor se adapte a ti. Nos encantaría que formaras parte de esta comunidad de amantes del arte inspirado en Madrid.

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Take a break, enjoy a good vermouth, a pleasant climate and enjoy the "Terraceo" experience. What a great plan!

The diverse, inclusive and happy capital dresses up at every aperitif or afternoon and goes out to enjoy the good weather.

On each table there is a story. Each terrace has its own. But from the most mythical to the most modern, they all describe the life in Madrid.

And this is why "Terraceo" is one of our most delicious traditions and… the most exportable.

Artist: Maria Simavilla

From kindergarten to doctorate, María has always been an illustrator.

She did not always know that she would dedicate herself to this. She wanted to be a veterinarian, an astronaut and a truck driver, until one day she found out that what she liked the most was also a profession. And since then, she dedicated herself to drawing

Two dozen books later, multiple exhibitions and national and international awards, María is living proof of how destiny can change when you enroll in a drawing class.

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