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angel svoboda

Ángel Antón Svoboda is an illustrator from Alicante who has always been surrounded by comics, one of his greatest passions. Although it took him a while to discover his true calling, he decided to study graphic design, which allowed him to develop his skills as a designer and art director.

For more than twenty years, Ángel has worked as an illustrator, collaborating with comic magazines and creating graphic designs to accompany his own illustrations in different media. In addition, he has also ventured into the world of literature, publishing his own comic and illustrated book, in which he was also in charge of graphic design and art direction.

Ángel is an expert in handling programs such as Illustrator, Photoshop and Affinity Designer, the latter being his favorite tool for illustrating due to its ability to combine vectors and bitmaps in a single application. This allows you to create more synthetic illustrations or clean up your pencil drawings with vectors for a result that is precise and warm at the same time.

His illustrations are characterized by their unique style and use of vectors, giving them a sense of precision and clarity. In addition, his love for comics is reflected in each of his works, which always have a captivating visual narrative.

Ángel has exhibited his work at different events and has collaborated with important publications such as Ediciones El Jueves and Bululú. Undoubtedly, his creativity and skills as an illustrator and graphic designer have made him a talent from Alicante to watch closely.

He has collaborated, among others, with Dibbuks · Bululú · Savanna Books · Mosquito Books · Santillana · Bornay · AtmossDomerco · Amariyellow · Viraje · Comunicoles.


  • Evolutionary Mosquito Books, 2020
  • Damned Writers. 23 Cult Authors Bululú, 2017
  • Arcane Secrets: The Curse of the mottled tentacle Amigo Comics, 2013
  • Arcane Secrets: Curse of the Dibbuks Spotted Tentacle, 2012


    • renewed energies. Belio Magazine. Valencia, 2004.
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