Irene Pérez

Irene Perez Bio The Madrilener
Irene is an optimist, colorist, animalist and naturalist. Irene is also eclectic, botanical, dramatic… An explosion of creativity!
With her magical gaze, Irene took possession of each piece. She fell in love with all of them and then she had to choose. That was how he understood the essence of this unique museum, and created a "Gem".
Is there anything more difficult to turn the beautiful into something more beautiful? Well Irene has achieved it. Bra-va!!
Her contribution is the eclectic perspective of someone who has traveled and lived in various countries and who applies to projects ranging from design, music, books, the universe of children, social issues; to projects related to fashion and culture in general.
Colors, textures, magic, rituals, insects, plants, Irene's illustrations are an ode to beauty, which do justice to the most emblematic pieces of the MNAD.


She has collaborated, among others, with Petit Sàpiens Magazine Sofar Sounds Music Project Boatrocker Brewers & Distillers Black Pencil Ensemble Diario Directa Kimbala Percussion Company El Duende Magazine (Madrid), The Beer Garden Comanegra Editorial Media Vaca Editorial Argot Bookstore Minis Editorial Rueda Cyclist Film Festival.

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