Irene Blasco

Irene Blasco is an illustrator, designer and painter based in Valencia (Spain) from where she develops editorial and advertising projects both nationally and internationally.

Her illustrations for advertising have been frequently seen in Madrid, where her images have served to promote the San Antón Market and have been the central theme of the Madrid Christmas Campaign 2019, the festivities of May 2, 2021 and the recent campaign of Mental Health Spain.

In the editorial field, she has illustrated the cover of the 2020 Nadal Award, 'The map of affections' by Ana Merino.

She regularly makes illustrations for various media.

She has been recognized, among others, with the recent Liber 2021 Illustration Award and with a Mention in the prestigious Bologna Ragazzi Digital Award with its app version of Rita, the lizard,

With an intuitive approach, she generally works with digital techniques in a versatile style that emphasizes the use of color.

She loves photography and since 2010 she has also taught art workshops.

Some of his clients are: DEPARTURES magazine / T Brand / New Statesman Magazine / Madrid Town Council / Madrid Tourism Department / Madrid Culture Department / COURIER Magazine / PRELUDIUM Magazine / EL PAIS SEMANAL Magazine / Mental Health Spain / eme21 Magazine / Madrid Destino / Association of Merchants of the San Antón Market / Ediciones Destino Publishing / Acute and Chronic / VALENCIA PLAZA Magazine / BOOKEN / EDICIONS 62 Publishing / ESPASA CALPE Publishing / TAMDEM EDICIONS Publishing / ALLIOLI Magazine

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