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Juan Carlos Jotaká, an artist with more than a decade dedicated to illustration. He left his mark in collaborations with giants such as Netflix, Iberia, Hyundai, Cervezas Alhambra, HP and Cruz Roja. Although his talent shines in partnerships with big names, he finds unique gratification working with smaller brands.

Jotaká's unmistakable style is characterized by a fusion between tenderness and rebellion, reflecting his exceptional creativity. As tireless experimenter, he enjoys playing with shapes, compositions and color palettes. His work moves effortlessly between the traditional and the modern, using everything from watercolors, gouaches to screen printing or papercut.

Jotaká finds his inspiration in the beauty of small everyday things, the richness of diversity and the importance of mental health. His first contribution to THE MADRILEÑER not only illustrates his artistry, but also shares his personal history with Madrid. The city becomes the canvas for meetings with friends, artistic exploration and shopping where the vibrant energy of a metropolis in constant movement stands out.

We thank Jotaká for loving Madrid and expressing his creativity through his art, where each stroke is a manifestation of his exceptional skill and passion for telling stories through illustration.


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