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Gatetes (Cats on the roof)

Gatetes (Cats on the roof)


They are more agile than Spiderman and more elegant than Batman, and that is what makes them our true feline superheroes 🐈 .

When the party ends, the cats take over the city. And it's when the true Madrid is revealed to the little few: those of rancid ancestry, purebred cats, the most rock & roll around here... let's say I'm talking about Madrid.

This work was proposed as an image of the San Isidro 2020 campaign and was published in EME21 in May of the same year.

Artist: Beatriz Naranjalidad

If you look at her in detail, you will notice the sea in her eyes. Bea is a (former) architect from Alicante, an illustrator who has been living in Madrid for years and paints her beloved city with feline grace, either with pencil, charcoal, watercolor or digital. She manages to transport the observer to different atmospheres with every piece of work, using different techniques.

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