Discovering the magic of Flat Design

The magic of Flat Design

Simplicity, minimalism and use of solid colors. This is flat design.

Artists who choose this style avoid three-dimensional effects such as shadows, perspectives, textures or gradients, which allows greater clarity and legibility of the visual elements.

Heir to the Bauhaus , Modernism and the International Typographic Style of the 1950s and 1960s, flat design shares the idea of ​​simplicity and functionality in design.

As part of THE MADRILEÑER portfolio, Austriamor shows us the flat design of Johann Andreu , his proposal as a spring cover, which exclusively uses solid pastel colors and simple shapes to represent the story of its protagonists, two characters who evolve in the neighborhood of Los Austrias in Madrid.

This stylistic choice simplifies architectural figures such as the Royal Palace or the cobblestone streets of Madrid and places them on the same plane as the characters, so that they play with each other.

AustriAmor Johann Andreu The Madrilener lamina poster

The result is a composition with a modern, fresh and clean appearance, full of life but without stress, to be enjoyed in sips.

We invite you to discover all the options to create a “wow” effect on your walls.

The magic of Flat Design
See picture AustriAmor by Johann Andreu.

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