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Excentriciudad Gourmet Gift Box

Excentriciudad Gourmet Gift Box

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A Madrileñer knows that the art of receiving at home consists of making guests feel special. And that, in addition, they are.

Inspired by our best-selling prints, we have created for you three boxeswith special editions of artisan Vermouth, tapas and other surprises.

We put the tapas, you put the good attitude. 😉

Partners in crime:

- The image is put by Excentriciudad (by Daniel Montero Galán), the unstoppable atmosphere of the city.

- The 750ml bottle of white Vermouth is a special edition of BOCAMANGA , a very chic and award-winning artisan who knows how to macerate Airén grapes together with botanicals, roots and flowers.

- For the pairing, the NUT-NUT nuts, of course! Because it boldly mixes the boldest flavors: cashew nuts with truffle (100gr jar).

- A bowl to serve as it deserves, with THE MADRILEÑER seal.

- An Excentriciudad postcard to dedicate to your Hosts/Guests.

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