CNN : The Madrileñer in 'Our World' program !

Happier than the flamenco dancer emoji 💃… that's how we are with the news!

CNN has featured The Madrileñer within the Nuestro Mundo program and we are very proud to spread our love for Madrid on one of the most important news networks in the world.

Captivated by the idea of ​​celebrating Madrid , by the story behind each print, by the talented illustrators involved, the CNN team interviewed some artists and shared with the worldThe Madrileñer project .

Views of CNN's report on The Madrileñer

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Special thanks to the CNN team and our amazing illustrators for sharing their experience and supporting their creations: Cinta Arribas , Irene Pérez , Rebeka Elizegi and Patricia Bolaños ... THANK YOU!


The Madrilener on CNN

We want to thank YOU (yes, you reader) from the bottom of our hearts for your unconditional support. THANK YOU for joining us on this adventure. Without you it wouldn't have been possible!

Stay tuned, because we are working on new projects that will surprise you! If you haven't please subscribe to our mailing list below to continue to celebrate Madrid together and enjoy this creative madness.

See the prints (for your home or to give as a gift 😊).

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