Maja and Caballero: impossible lovers

He... the gentleman with his hand on his chest

THE KNIGHT WITH HIS HAND ON HIS CHEST (El Greco, 16th century) is a formal, Christian man of word and honor. And although no one knows exactly his past, everyone trusts him.

The gentleman with his hand on his chest version The Madrileñer

Much has been made of his true identity. From a self-portrait of El Greco, to the image of Don Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra himself, this polite gentleman has been an enigma since his creation.

It is precisely his enigmatic look and his “Twilight” paleness that have earned him an important group of admirers who do not stop calling or texting, despite the fact that he only responds with a half smile.

His heart already has an owner. And although it seems impossible, she reciprocates.

She... the Clothed Maja

THE DRESSED MAJA (Goya, 19th century) is prettier than the naked one, they say. And more sensual. Because it is already known that in the art of provoking, sometimes less is more...

La Maja dressed version The Madrilener

Her clothes betray her noble origin, so as soon as the doorbell rings, she puts on tight jeans, her favorite top, oversized dark glasses and her reddest lipstick. Ready to mislead papparazzi!

She has met him again and no one can find out.

The history

During business hours no one would think they have something. But when the museum closes its doors, SHE -so nice- and HIM -so gentleman- walk their love among birches and ducks.

What will they have in common, whisper their companions. “He, so old; she, so immature”; “He, so formal; she, so cheeky”. And then others remember that they have in common, their noble origin; your refined tastes.

Few know that they were born to be together, contemplating the sunset, while rereading that poem and pairing it with that wine.

Great ideas don't always come the first time, but in this case, Jacobo Muñiz got it right from the sketch, which is almost as great as the final result of Maja y Caballero!

In this way, he captivated us with a Van Gogh-type Maja, but convinced us with a Dalí Knight ;)

Sketch Maja and Caballero by Jacobo Muñiz for The MadrileñerVersion 1 Maja y Caballero by Jacobo Muñiz for The MadrileñerFinal version Maja y Caballero by Jacobo Muñiz for The Madrileñer

Although Jacobo, with his exceptional use of color, delighted us with his poetic and philosophical version of La Maja dressed and the Knight with her hand on her chest in the middle of the Autumn of El Retiro (see sketch in reddish tones, below), Madrid I asked him to extend the summer... and that's how it ended up... a sheet with a predominance of mint color, which fits so well in decorative styles that are trending today.

This Madrileñer is full of details: A sunset, a glass of wine, a good conversation... and El Retiro provides the perfect setting: Love between ahuehuetes. Love between chestnut trees Love between magnolias Love reflected in the crystals of the Palace. Love with M from Madrid.

Mock-up Maja y Caballero by Jacobo Muñiz for The Madrileñer

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