Spring cleaning?

Give the final touch with our refreshing and very romantic print: Austriamor.

Spring "improves" the blood circulation

The saying goes well: in spring we are filled with a supernatural force that encourages you to try new things, to get rid of the old, to celebrate life.

The so-called “spring cleaning” is more than a convention. It is a biological and natural call to begin a new cycle.

Thus, we get rid of the old, the dark colors, the heavy blankets, the shaggy rugs and the duvets, to welcome “ freshness ” in clothing and decoration.

THE MADRILEÑER presents its “ Austriamor ” print, perfect for connecting with that spirit of celebration that fills the soul and spaces.

But first, some spring deco tips .

The spring rains brighten the wallet.

It is normal that after removing three or four boxes of duvets, heavy blankets, dark cushions, rugs and even some sad paintings, you want to replace them with functional and decorative elements of the latest trend.

Even if you feel like going out and buying everything new, we cannot forget that in 6 months the cold will return, so there is no need to go crazy: practicality above all!

If you are going to invest, we recommend following the golden rule:

  • for big things (furniture, dressers, duvets, etc.), natural textures, organic fabrics, neutral colors, classic designs;
  • the touches of color and prints, for small accessories.

This way, your decoration will last longer and will suffer less in times of transition, when you will want to have a warm house again.

Lot of flowers in spring, good autumn awaits us

There is no better way to celebrate the arrival of good weather than with fresh flowers. If you sprinkle your home with crystalline vases with tulips, daisies or peonies, you will feel like you live in a garden.

You can also opt for pots with lavender plants, colorful carnations or hydrangeas, even a small lemon tree, which will fill the house with a sweet and relaxing fragrance.

(Be careful! Don't forget to use handmade baskets and baskets to achieve a boho chic effect that you will love).

Spring Decoration: Combine Vintage with Contemporary

It is the perfect time to renovate your home and give it a fresh and cozy touch. Try combining vintage furniture , such as a dresser or a reclaimed wood table, to create a nostalgic and charming atmosphere. Then, add touches of contemporary decoration , such as modern and colorful cushions and accessories, to give it a modern and elegant feel.

And it ends with a change on the walls: have you tried decorating your house with illustration? In addition to its aesthetic effect, it tells a story, it talks about you.

"How beautiful is love, more than ever during spring”

And if we talk about prints, AUSTRIAMOR is our go-to recommendation. Inspired by the picturesque Austrias neighborhood in Madrid ,Johann Andreu 's creation captures the essence of the city and turns it into a timeless work of art.

The AUSTRIAMOR print transports us to the cobblestone streets and decorated balconies of the Austrias neighborhood. With a touch of nostalgia and a deep love for this emblematic area, Johann Andreu shares his own experience: walking through a typical neighborhood of Madrid, in love and feeling like Prince & Princess of the Austrias.

From the ornate balconies to the mansard roofs, every detail comes to life in this visual representation, evoking memories of romantic walks and unforgettable moments.

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The AUSTRIAMOR print is much more than a work of art: it is a memory, a window colored with the light of the Mediterranean , which transports you to a happy time in the artist's life, with a story that could be yours.

There are many others that you can combine and find in our collection and discover how you can bring the charm of Madrid to your home.

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