Back in Madrid and dealing with post-vacation syndrome!

White house hall with 6 paintings The Madrileñer

Have you already returned to Madrid ?
Do you feel the post-vacation depression ?
Stress to get back to routine ?

It happens to all of us. We return home hoping that things will be even better than we left them, but the reality is that sometimes it can be a little overwhelming 😉

But remember, post-vacation syndrome can only be combated with optimism and filling your life with things that really excite you.

Here we share our Top 4 list of Madrid activities to ease the return :

  1. Enjoy the nights of Madrid with friends again : Nights full of charm and fun, which you inevitably miss when you are away. Meeting friends and experiencing those nights of laughter and endless conversations is a priceless pleasure. Make it a priority!
  2. Reconnect with co-workers and start a new project : We know that the office can be overwhelming, but it is also where you spend a good part of your day. Returning to work can be exciting if you set yourself new challenges and projects that motivate you.
  3. Returning to your home, which you missed without knowing it : After a vacation, your house can feel like a refuge. That place that you know perfectly and that welcomes you with comfort and warmth. Appreciate your home and make every corner have that special touch that makes you feel in a unique place.
  4. Decide to buy : What better way to fall in love with Madrid again than with a work of art that celebrates this city? At THE MADRILEÑER, we create decorative posters that capture the essence of Madrid. From late night parties to quiet moments in the botanical garden , our illustrations will transport you to the most special corners of this city. Explore our complete collection of prints and choose the one that inspires you the most for your space.

    Remember that the important thing is to surround yourself with things that make you happy, treat yourself and get excited about the routine.

    Happy return home, Madrid !

    Thank you for being part of our community and for supporting the talent of local artists like Patricia , Cinta and María .

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