A hidden gem, a collaboration with the National Museum of Decorative Arts (MNAD)

Madrid, 1912: Lovers of decoration, architecture, crafts, design and art celebrate the Banquet of Creativity in a beautiful palace in the capital. But at sunset, at the climax of the party, an envious sorceress casts a spell on them, turning them into wonderful, but petrified, decorative objects of all time.

Since then, they have rested at @ MNAD_Madrid , a jewel in Madrid still unknown to some despite being an indisputable icon #Madrileñer
  • A jewel that belongs to everyone
Today we pay tribute to a Madrid icon, a jewel that you may not yet know located very close to El Retiro (quote the Park's Instagram profile): @MNAD_Madrid.

With dramatic colours, velvety textures, botanical figures and elegant forms, the illustrator Irene Pérez (quote Irene's profile) reveals just some of the wonders hidden in this museum, located in one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in Madrid. The pleasure is all ours!

3 iconic objects MNAD Themadrilener
  • Zeus and Medusa: a mythological love

Tic. A. Tick-tick. Two. Tick-tick-tick. Zeus blinks three times, the most nocturnal guardian cat. He greets Medusa in Morse code, his extravagant bride with 8 arms and 7 chandeliers, all made of steel and ceramic, who looks at him from on high. And he promises that there is less to be together... His sorceress owner has told him.

MNAD lamp for The Madrilener
Cat The Madrilener MNAD
  • Hoffman: The glass that was believed to be a column

With clear ideas and monolithic phrases, Josef was an avant-garde Viennese teacher before becoming a precious translucent glass with three layers of glass and geometric figures.

Just before the spell, he defended the collaboration between art and industry to create decorative objects. And this is a concept that floods our daily life... or not?

Hoffman the glass column The Madrilener MNAD
  • Cantilever, the chair that wanted to fly

“Draw a chair without lifting the pencil”, that was the challenge Lilly posed to her tablemates, before they turned her into an iconic #Cantilever chair.

Who does not remember one like it in a nice bar or in their parents' or grandparents' living room? And it is that this elegant "modern rocking chair" was a commercial success in the 70s, due to its fine lines, flexible for the first time, so light that they look like flying chairs.

You can find several exhibited in the Museum, dressed as if they were going to have tea. Or, now, in the new THE MADRILEÑER; as a decorative throne that reminds us of the beauty of simple things.

Cantilever chair The madrilener MNAD

  • birds and flowers
There was a very young girl at the banquet, who was solemnly bored in the company of the famous architect she was accompanying. Rather than fall asleep at the table struck down by boredom (she was, despite everything, very polite) she decided to wander with her mind to very distant lands. He was walking in a meadow full of birds and colorful flowers, when suddenly the sorceress arrived... And he froze his thoughts!
Flowers The Madrilener MNAD
These were immortalized in botanical motifs in the ceramic collection at the National Museum of Decorative Arts ☺.

“A hidden jewel” is the new #THEMADRILEÑER by Irene Pérez for @MNAD_Madrid. Spoiler warning: it only fits in exquisite decorations ;)
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