New print: Madrid, 3 in the morning

A tribute to the Madrid night life

THE MADRILEÑER #12, made by Patricia Bolaños, is an illustration that pays tribute to the iconic emblematic characters of Madrid nightlife . Each one of them has their own story, discovering who they are becomes quite a challenge.

Are you ready to get into this exciting clue game?

New artist: Patricia Bolaños

She is from Madrid, currently residing in Brooklyn, she has a passion for drawing and people's stories . It is not by chance that THE MADRILEÑER has joined the challenge.

His work has been published in renowned magazines such as Vanity Fair, Harpers Bazaar and Condé Nast Traveler. Furthermore, in 2022 his first book titled New York is the Thing was published.

Photo biography patricia bolaños

Learn more about Patricia Bolaños

When we asked her "What is Madrid to you?", Patricia responded with the memory of a famous piano bar, a place where something exciting always happens and where a diversity of cosmopolitan people that characterizes the capital meet.

"That place is simply magical and represents the very essence of Madrid, where music and fun merge into a unique experience!" , Patricia reveals to us with enthusiasm.

Read full biography of Patricia Bolaños .

3 AM: Party like a Madrileñer!!

On Thursday, June 1, we launched the cover Madrid, 3 in the morning in the place where it was inspired... and we also took advantage of the occasion to celebrate Patricia's birthday.

The celebration was full of friends, an electric atmosphere and great happiness. It was an authentic reflection of what a THE MADRILEÑER cover represents 😉. We thank all those who joined us on this special night.

Launch of the new cover The Madrileñer at Toni2

⮕ See the cover Madrid, 3 AM .

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