Discover the fascinating story of 'Lady Madrid': a collage that captures the feminine essence of Madrid

In this month of March, we find ourselves facing a truth that Emily in Paris already proclaimed: there are aspects that must be claimed as feminine, and "March" is one of them.

On March 8, the day International Women's Day is celebrated, we had the honor of presenting cover #11 THE MADRILEÑER : with LADY MADRID , Rebeka Elizegi gives us a true delight for the soul.

Rebeka is a master in the art of collage, and through this technique she manages to summarize the complex beauty of Madrid in her condition as a woman.

With traditions as background and the spirit of the scene, music and night running through her veins, Lady Madrid rises like a Goddess who dominates the city from above. As we delve into this work, various symbols reveal its history, from the starling to the rose bushes, and the composition is based on an exquisite Madrid cocktail in which a whole world fits.

Lady Madrid launch at the Emperador Hotel

Discover the beauty of Lady Madrid: a Madrid cocktail

Lady Madrid is a declaration of love to the Spanish capital and its feminine essence. Each element carefully selected by Rebeka Elizegi represents an important part of the history and identity of Madrid.

  1. The Complex Beauty of a collage : By combining different visual elements, such as photographs, cutouts and textures, the artist manages to convey the vibrant and multifaceted essence of the city.

  2. Tradition and Avant-garde: Lady Madrid carries with it the traditions rooted in the city, but also welcomes the avant-garde and modernity. It is in that fusion where the magic of Madrid lies, and Rebeka Elizegi represents it brilliantly in her work. By observing every detail of Lady Madrid, you will be able to appreciate the harmony between the ancient and the contemporary, between the classic and the innovative.

  3. Symbols that tell stories Within this mosaic of images that make up Lady Madrid, you will find symbols that tell the history of the city. The starling, for example, represents the vitality and diversity that characterizes Madrid. The rose bushes, for their part, symbolize the love and passion that flow in every corner of the city. These and other carefully selected symbols intertwine to create a unique visual narrative.

  4. A Goddess Who Rules the City Lady Madrid, as her name indicates, is the very embodiment of the feminine essence of the Spanish capital. She is a Goddess who radiates power and dominates the city from above. Its presence in your living room will be like invoking the energy and strength of Madrid in all its splendor.

Lady Madrid in your living room

Discover the Impact of Lady Madrid in your Living Room

In addition to its artistic value, Lady Madrid has the power to transform your living room into a space full of history and charm. Imagine having this masterpiece hanging on your walls, radiating its unique essence.

  1. A Lady Madrid Conversation Focus will become the center of attention in your living room. Its striking presence and intriguing collage details will capture your guests' eyes and provide a fascinating topic of conversation.

  2. An Immersion in the Beauty of Madrid Every time you admire Lady Madrid, you will immerse yourself in the beauty and magic of Madrid. The symbols and elements represented in the work will transport you to the streets of the city, awakening your senses and evoking special memories.

  3. A Piece of Artistic Value Purchasing a work by Rebeka Elizegi is a unique opportunity to own a piece of great artistic value. Its recognition in the field of visual arts guarantees that you will have in your hands a unique and appreciated creation in the art world.

  4. A Tribute to Feminine Strength By having Lady Madrid in your living room, you will be paying tribute to feminine strength and beauty, as well as the city of Madrid. Every time you look at it, you will be reminded of the importance of celebrating diversity and women's empowerment.

Don't miss the opportunity to bring the essence of Madrid to your home with Lady Madrid. Discover the history, beauty and impact of this masterpiece in your living room.

Immerse yourself in the feminine universe of Madrid and let yourself be seduced by its eternal charm!

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