Book Fair 2022 + THE MADRILEÑER: a resounding success

The Madrid Book Fair , one of the most anticipated events for literature lovers, returned with a bang after a year of absence due to the pandemic. This year, the fair took place in its place of origin, the Retiro Park car ride, and lasted for several weeks.

Traditionally, this festival of letters coincides with the arrival of good weather, outdoor plans and the launch of potential best sellers for the summer. From the Queen to the smallest, the Book Fair is magnanimous and democratic in its influx, which this year exceeded the pre-pandemic figures by 34.7%, despite the heat wave.

The growing interest in youth literature

Of these more than 3 million visitors, it is the younger segment that is growing, attracted by the signature of youtubers, youth literature authors, novel writers and comic artists, an increasingly relevant genre. In order to communicate the attractive youth programming, the presence of the Fair on Social Networks was key, which this year launched on Instagram and TikTok from El Bestiario de la Feria by THE MADRILEÑER .

With great pride, THE MADRILEÑER gave life to the space chosen to connect with young audiences through the creation of fun and relevant content for social networks.

The magic of space The Bestiary of the Fair

It was the talented Rut Pedreño , from the Pencil Ilustradores Agency, who helped us give magic to this little piece of the fair where literary beasts coexist with the rest of mortals.

The challenge was to create a set that at the same time captures the fantastic adventure of reading for young people, with the iconicity of the event and the good vibes movement that THE MADRILEÑER represents.

That's how we started...

Sketch cover for Book Fair

And, with a few tweaks, this is how we end up:

Final version of the creation by Rut for The Madrileñer

During the 2 weeks of the fair, more than 50 authors enjoyed the space to comment on their books and share on social networks.

View of the authors in the activation for social networks
From Blue Jeans to the Greemwood sisters, passing through Paula Camarós or Gerónimo Stilton, in this space we show that El Retiro is magical in many dimensions, but especially for readers. Only they know that a book is like a portal through which fantastic beings pass.

In The Bestiary of the Fair, the beasts of each open book wander happily, who decided to stay to enjoy the sunny mornings, on the banks of the pond or in the shade of an Ahuehuete.

The recording set became a poster, which is our news for the month of June. If you want to smile every time you see the Cheshire cat, nostalgically recall the "Koi" fish or have an elephant in the middle of the room, we invite you to complete your choice with this Madrileñer who will surely give a lot to talk about and who is Made by the latest winner of the Barcelona Comic Fair...

Do not fear: seeing it will only experience a refreshing desire to read.

This art was a collaborative project, developed exclusively for the RRSS space of the Madrid Book Fair.

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