Madrid deserves to have its own cover to celebrate what makes it unique!

" You only need to mix an iconic concept, a crack of illustration and a unique city… and the result is outstanding! ”, says Gautier Squivée, one of the founders of the project.

The summer of 2021 began and the Madrid terraces were again full. The city had discovered brunch relatively recently and it was already an institution to hold strategic meetings in one of the most reputable hotels. It was there when Paola and Gautier spoke for the first time to materialize THE MADRILEÑER.

Gautier had met The Shanghairen in his previous destination (where he lived for 5 years) and Paola had discovered it when she was looking to send them a gift that had sentimental value to say goodbye to Shanghai. They both liked it so much that they started pulling the thread and came up with The Parisianer , the precursor to endless independent projects to paint cities like iconic magazine covers. From there they went to The Milaneser , The Tokyoiter , Le Montrealer … and stop counting!

Madrid deserved to have its own cover to celebrate what makes it unique ”, says Paola Luzio, Gautier's partner and sister-in-law, who has lived in Madrid for 16 years. “ Probably those of us who are adopted are the ones who really know what it is to feel from Madrid from the moment you get out of the taxi the first time. To this city you arrive and belong; whether you come for a couple of hours or for a lifetime.

And so, with the efficiency of a consultant (his) and editorial experience (hers), they got down to work to launch THE MADRILEÑER, covers of a fictitious magazine to celebrate the Madrid lifestyle. According to Gautier, “ We didn't just want them to be incredible, collectible and aesthetic covers: we wanted art that told stories and we wanted to fill the decoration with meaning for those who love Madrid ”.

For their first steps, they had the advice of the projects that preceded them, and the founders of Paris, Milan, and Shanghai generously shared recommendations, warnings, and opinions on how to launch and manage an adventure like this in the Spanish world.

We were lucky to find Sandra López, and jump into the pool with the support of the Pencil SL illustrator agency, the first in Spain and which shared our enthusiasm for this adventure.

It was through the agency that they met Daniel Montero Galán , Cinta Arribas and Ángel Svoboda , illustrators of the first covers and whom they are especially fond of. “ We followed the advice of The Parisianer and asked each of the illustrators to tell us , “ What is Madrid for you? ”…. And that's how the magic happened! From a vandalized menina to a famous disappeared group from the Madrid scene, passing through a dreamlike Botanical Garden…. All that happened in the first THE MADRILEÑER”, recalled Paola with a smile.

From then on, a very powerful complicity has always been maintained with Pencil that has discovered figures such as Jacobo Muñiz , Irene Pérez , Tania Vicedo and, the recent winner of the award for best children's comic (Barcelona, ​​2022), Rut Pedreño , for new projects.

However, THE MADRILEÑER team is always on the lookout for memorable covers and artists with a proven love for Madrid, such as Irene Blasco or Beatriz Ramo Fernández (Naranjalidad), who ceded the rights to their illustrations “Madrid sounds like Christmas” and “Gatetes en el tejado”, respectively, which had been carried out for the Madrid City Council and to which they were able to give a second life. Gautier is emphatic: “Both are endearing! The kind of image that stays in your memory and reminds you of those days that you love to live in Madrid. It is an honor that they are part of our portfolio”.

After launch they settle in the new stages. They already have the calendar of publications for the year, they have been seen in a variety of markets, art markets where people have been able to see and touch THE MADRILEÑER in person, and they have already activated sales in the mythical store " Los artistas del neighborhood ” (Hortaleza, ). Also, it is rumored that they are preparing a cover for a Madrid State Museum, an important educational institution and… the Madrid Book Fair!!

It is clear that the work of democratizing art and taking it home has a long way to go. And with the number of fans that Madrid has in the world… the sky is NOT the limit!

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