8 refreshing ideas to transform your home into a summer oasis with THE MADRILEÑER

We believe that the decoration of your home goes beyond simple objects.
We want to help you turn your home into a place full of charm and personality, so that every corner speaks about you and what you love. In this guide, we bring you 8 refreshing ideas to give a summer touch to your home .
From small changes to details that will make you travel to happy moments. Enjoy the summer like never before and give your home a new look ! So don't hesitate, trust THE MADRILEÑER to transform your spaces into true canvases of emotions and memories.
Shall we start?

1. A hall prepared for summer

A hall ready for summer

Instead of just leaving the entryway lifeless, try adding some vases with flowers and green plants. Place these decorations in colorful and cheerful vases, such as yellow, aquamarine, and even glass. This way you will turn your entrance into a fresh and vibrant welcome.

2. Abuse the white

Abuse the white
Not only does it brighten your days (especially when you spend most of your time with the blinds closed), but it also gives it that fresh touch that contrasts with the dark colors of winter. Mix it with beige tones and add accessories made of natural materials. This way, you will not only maintain freshness, but you will also prevent your space from looking like a freezer.

3. More fibers in the living room

More fibers in the living room
Imagine how natural fibers can transform your home into a haven of summer tranquility ! If you have a white base in your living room, adding these fibers will allow you to provide that visual warmth that the quintessential neutral so needs. Turn your space into a relaxed and fresh environment, perfect for summer.

4. And, of course, sailor motifs

And, of course, nautical motifs
Give prominence to the color blue, add starfish, watercolor paintings with delicate corals, a tablecloth in blue and white tones, and decorate the table with flowers or dried palms. This way it will seem like you are returning to your beach apartment in the blink of an eye !

5. Dress the bedroom with fresh bedding

Dress the bedroom with fresh bedding
In summer, there is no doubt that white sheets are the perfect move. And if they are made of cotton, even better! They will keep you cool and let your skin breathe. Now, if it gets a little cooler at night in your area, don't worry. Add a lightweight linen bedspread to the equation. This way, you can cover yourself without having to leave your comfortable bed. Sleep in comfort and without complications at all times !

6. Bet on refreshing shades

Bet on refreshing shades
In summer, the bedroom also looks for cool colors like beige and green, as well as bright tones like white, which will make you feel totally fresh! When it comes to textures, stripes and knits take us straight to summer, as do floral and botanical designs. So embrace summer with a bedroom so fresh and stylish that you'll feel like you're sleeping in a cabin by the sea or in a rural house surrounded by green fields.

7. Use lighter curtains

Use lighter curtains
It's time to give those heavy winter curtains a makeover and give way to light and fresh ones like curtains ! Even if your usual curtains have a terrible drape, curtains are the heroes of summer, allowing the breeze to circulate through your home in a deliciously refreshing way. Let the air flow !

8. Add "things" that you relate to summer

Add "things" that you relate to summer
Give a playful touch to your decoration with cacti as decorations. These succulent plants remind us that summer is still present and invite us to maintain that vacation atmosphere in our home. Place small cacti in decorative pots on shelves, side tables, or even your desk.

Well done!

If you've made it this far, you're a decoration detective ! Surely you have unraveled some ideas to turn your home into a true summer oasis. These tips are just a small preview of everything we do.
If you want more doses of creativity from THE MADRILEÑER collaborators, our blog is your mandatory destination ! And if you loved this document, don't be selfish, share it with your struggling decorator friends !

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6 madrilener in room wall
Until next time, intrepid decorator!

May your walls always be witnesses of your genius!
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